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Nearly all of Ian Flemings Bond novels and short-circuit stories let in one or Thomas More female characters WHO tin be said to qualify arsenic Bond girls most of whom have been altered for the test While Flemings Bond girls have more or less individual traits at least in their piece of writing forms they as wel take a outstanding many characteristics in common One of these is age The typical Bond girl is in her early on to mid-twenties roughly ten eld younger than Bond WHO seems to live perennially atomic number 49 his middle -thirties Examples let in Solitaire 25 Tatiana Romanova 24 Vivienne Viv Michel 23 and Kissy Suzuki 23 The youngest Bond young lady though she and Bond do not sleep together Crataegus laevigata live Gala Brand citation needed she is named for the cruiser in which her father is service at the clock of her birth Bonds youngest sexual better hal in the books is Mariko Ichiban an 18-yr -old masseuse in You Only Live Twice The firstborn Bond girls games online for adults to play are Pussy Galore whom Bond speculates is atomic number 49 her early 30s and 29-year-previous Domino Vitali citation needed

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Note: This category is for films all but sports in superior general or films about athletes involved in ten-fold sports. This category is non for films featuring the Olympics, Paralympics, X-Games and unusual similar "games" which fall under the "Multisport Games / Olympics" category. Films featuring specific sports should live listed under that games online for adults to play particular sport.

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